This page contains photo's from my trip to Winfield, KS during the Walnut Valley Bluegrass Festival in September 2000.
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Tommy Emmanuel
Tom Haver and I left Denver on Tuesday at 4:30 PM. We arrived in Winfield at 5:00 AM the next morning. Tom crashed as soon as we pulled into the River Rat Camp.
Tommy Emmanuel on stag
Razy Cline
Tommy Emmanuel
River Rats Camp themes of past years.
Tom Haver and Paul Hagemeier setting up camp.
Ratzy Cline gets ready for the Band Scramble.
For years Tom Haver told me stories about the crazy things that happened at Winfield each year and for years I said I would have to attend one of the festivals. But being from Boston, Winfield seemed so far away.

In 2000 I finally made the trip and I have to admit I am  hooked. I met lots of great folks and heard tons of great music. And I had a blast. Bought my ticket for Winfield 30 in January. I'll never miss it again.
Being a Winfield Virgin is something I will never forget.  Even though I was new to the River Rat Camp I felt welcome. Tucker and Gail are the greatest.

Steve "Pegleg" Bohrer was a sight to see bombing around the campsites in his golf cart. (Harley next time, right Steve)

The Band Scramble, Costume Contest, Keeper of the Rat Parade and camp wedding was something special to see and be part of.
One of a great things about the Winfield experience was being a part of this great big family. The kids of Winfield have a great time. Many of them only seeing each other for this one week every year.

I'm sorry I missed so many years at Winfield. I hope one day to bring some of my kids along to meet the members of the River Rat Camp.
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