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Well you've made it to the last page of the Winfield 29 photo album. This page has links to other fun things to see, my guest book which I hope you will sign and information about Bluegrass festivals in the New England area for 2001.

Since I am from the Boston area I thought it was important to let everyone know we do Bluegrass up here too.
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The following are listings for Bluegrass Festivals in the New England area for 2001 taken from the: is a Tom Haver company

This page was last updated on: January 14, 2002

You may have noticed that I highlighted Tim O'Brien's name on a couple of these listing. I just wanted to be sure I knew when he would be in town.

If you haven't heard Tim's Red on Blonde CD you need to find a copy.
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Just a blurb about me.  Bruce Simons of Braintree, MA

Grew up in Hull, MA a small peninsula 20 miles south of Boston. Have three great kids, my wife Rozz and a dog. Plus lately a step-dog that visits on the weekend from my ex's (long story).

Been working with computers since 1971, (IBM 1130) but I'm not that old. Currently working for State Street Corp in Quincy,. MA as a Network Support Tech (Layer 1).
Here's a shot of my buddy Steve. He's been having a good year in his tomatoe garden.
Me and El in NYC